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Have you ever noticed feeling better after a walk? Have you ever wondered why?

Your Brain In Nature is a presentation based on the “Your Brain In Nature” series published on our website (and you may have seen it make some cheeky magazine appearances too!)

Delivered by student therapist Steph, who’s specialist interest is nature therapies, Steph has based this work on a wealth of experience and knowledge, ready to share with organisations, individuals and other experts in the field. This underpins the work which we do as a company

Features; neuroscience, psychology, outdoors, nature

Date Start
4 March, 2021
60 minutes
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What's included?

We have delivered Your Brain In Nature both online and in person around the UK. Please get in touch to make your bespoke arrangements

Your Brain In Nature presentation

First things first – the research! What is Your Brain In Nature and how do our brains respond to nature?

Your Brain In Nature event

Following the delivery and your understanding of your brain in nature, you can hire us to take your team out into nature and put it into practice! Wellbeing and heightened self-awareness promised from the day


"We received excellent scores from our attendees for the enjoyment and learning of the presentation, in particular the "joining together" of the team. I think it's a great idea to now arrange for a practical session together for the teams wellbeing" Ian Millen, Chief Executive. Veterans Outreach Support

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