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Did you know that nature provides a plethora of wellbeing needs? Living in an urban world is practical and efficient but a separation has been created between nature and ourselves, leaving us without some of the benefits our bodies and minds really need.

A half-day surrounded by nature and filled with light therapeutic exercises to support self-development, mental health and to support each other

Connect, learn, develop, support


Date Start
4 April, 2022
Half day accessible for physical disability
Date Start
16 May, 2022
Half day
Date Start
7 March, 2022
Half day
Extra information
What's included?

In connection with a qualified outdoor leader and counsellor, spend your time developing self-awareness whilst leaning some skills to design your own outdoor support system

This is not a group therapy session, however, light therapeutic interventions will be included to develop self-awareness within a supportive group.

Confidentiality, mutual respect and support is covered within the briefing and will be upheld at all times.



Snacks and water are not provided during the event so it is highly recommended that you bring your own to keep those energy levels up!

Due to attendees joining from a variety of locations, travel is not included in the event. However, if you are planning on attending via private transport and are unable to make it all the way to the start location please contact your event organiser as we may be able to help. This event aims to be as inclusive as possible.

Wilderness Wellness half day

Your meeting time and location will be provided before the date of the event.

Please aim to arrive in good time for the start time as the leader will be delivering a briefing and contract for confidentiality which all attendees must be present for and be in agreement with to participate in the exercises

We design circular routes so attendees can start and finish at the same location making travel easier


Please bring suitable outdoor clothing and plenty of water / food to last for the day. We will be outside throughout with limited shelter.

Recommended kit list:

  • Walking boots – it may be muddy and / or wet on some event days
  • Walking socks – to protect your feet from blisters on hot and / or wet days
  • Waterproof jacket – this is Britain afterall!
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Small rucksack suitable for day hikes – 15 – 20L
  • Gloves if the event is between October – March
  • Walking poles (optional)
  • Writing paper and pens
  • Personal medication – please disclose any emergency medication to your event leader and the location of the medication within your bag / on your person
  • Event cheer! – This is optional but it’s always helpful 😉

Sometimes we will be on the move and sometimes we will be stationary for periods of time so please ensure you have plenty of layers to keep you warm and / or sun-cream and a sunhat if the weather is hot

Please remember to bring a pencil and paper as you may wish to make some notes!


We’re thinking of something different for our corporate event, what can you cater for?

We have backgrounds working within the corporate world and therapy group work so your day is safe with us. We have many options for your corporate day with clients or internally. Check out the corporate page on our website or get in touch

Will the trip be cancelled if bad weather is forecast?

Our leaders will always try to accommodate the group on the original booking date. This may mean the itinerary or the route changes. For circumstances outside of our control, some dates may need to be postponed but we will be in contact with you as soon as an issue arises

Can my dog come along?

We love dogs but during our therapy trips we ask that you only bring yourself so you can dedicate some much needed you time and focus

I cannot make the date of the trip, what are my options?

If you wish to cancel your place, you will be entitled to a full refund up to 21 days before the event date. Any cancellation after this point is subject to charge but in many circumstances the value can be retained as credit for another event of equal value. Please let us know as soon as your plans change and we will do our best to work with you

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