Scrambling in Snowdonia introduction to mountaineering Graded CHALLENGING




800m +


1 day


10 Day Forecast


What is scrambling?

Scrambling is a full body experience where you will be using your hands and legs to climb up steep terrain. It takes you from trekking to basic mountaineering skills. It is more technical than hillwalking but it does not involve the use of technical equipment such as ropes.

Our scrambling trips are Grade I scrambles which means they are suitable for beginners. As with all scrambling trips there will be some exposure to heights so bring some clean underwear just in case! 😉

Our day will take place on the Snowdon massif or in the nearby Ogwyn Valley. Both locations include mountains over 900m and at least one of these summits will be included in your day.

We love Snowdonia for its rugged terrain. This is a perfect place to develop some basic mountaineering skills and we include optional navigation training in our offer to you so feel free to ask us prior to the event or your friendly leader on the day, and we will ensure you leave with a range of skills you can use in your future trips.

Some moves may be a little…. “airy”… so this is bound to test both your body and your mind




Date Start
7 August, 2121
Date End
8 August, 2121
2 days
Price (exc. accommodation)
Price (inc. accommodation)
Date Start
7 August, 2121
1 day
Price (exc. accommodation)
Extra information
What's included?

Under the leadership of a fully qualified mountain leader, you will challenge yourself and immerse yourself in the beauty of these spectacular mountains.

Our leaders are there to inspire, teach you about the environment, and support you through the challenge whilst ensuring the group has a day to remember.

We offer free navigation training and are keen to pass skills onto budding mountaineers so feel free to bring a map and compass and we will teach you what we know

We operate a leave no trace policy so please come along and be respectful of our environment


Travel and lunch / snacks are not included so be sure to bring plenty with you

Scrambling in Snowdonia

The trip will start shortly after breakfast between 8-9am and will be confirmed before the date of the trip between yourself and your mountain leader for the day.

It will take approximately 6 hours with time to stop and enjoy the views and learn about the mountain landscape
Your leader will be in contact with you before the trip regarding a meeting place and itinerary.


Required kit

• Small rucksack suitable for day hikes (30-35 litres)
• Sturdy Hiking boots (worn in)
Most accidents in the mountains are trips, slips and falls. A boot with ankle support could help prevent injury caused by one of these
• Thick walking socks
Bridgedale or equivalent to prevent blisters
• Hiking trousers
• Waterproof trousers which can be quickly put on over hiking trousers if the weather quickly turns
• Non-cotton, wicking base layer
This is the layer closest to the skin and the primary function is to draw moisture away from the body. At higher altitudes, the cold can react with sweat causing hypothermia
• Mid-layer
This is typically a lightweight microfleece or similar technology that provide additional warmth without being bulky or heavy
• Warm/insulated jacket
Which can be easily worn once stopped to prevent you from getting cold
• Waterproof jacket
• Headtorch (and batteries)
• Sunglasses and sun-cream if the weather is due to be sunny / hot
• Water bottle or camelback to carry a minimum of 2L of water per mountain day
• Personal medication – please disclose any emergency medication to your event leader and its location within the bag
• Gloves if trekking between October – March
• Personal first aid kit (blister plasters, sun-screen, plasters/bandages, pain killers)
• Food – snacks and lunch.
We recommend bringing a mix of slow burning foods like carbohydrates and fast burning foods like sweets just in case you need that extra pick-me-up!

Optional kit

• Thermos flask
• Maps – we are always happy to share navigation learning! OS or Harvey maps are recommended
• Compass
• Hiking poles
• Gators
• Trekking cheer!


I’ve little or no experience in the hills / international expeditions, are these trips suitable for me?

Yes absolutely! We cater for novice walkers who want to explore something new and for those who are regular explorers of the upland environment. Each trip is planned according to the abilities of those within the group to ensure all will be able to fully participate

My friends and I have something specific in mind, can you arrange private events?

Oh absolutely and we would be honoured to do so! A group navigation day or a birthday to remember… get in touch!

I’m raising money for charity, can you run our event?

We have a wealth of experience working with charities and have been a part of many charity events ourselves and as something close to our hearts, we would LOVE to work with you

We’re thinking of something different for our corporate event, what can you cater for?

We have backgrounds working within the corporate world so your day is safe with us. We have many options for your corporate day with clients or internally. Check out the corporate page on our website or get in touch

Will the trip be cancelled if bad weather is forecast?

Our leaders will always try to accommodate the group on the original booking date. This may mean the itinerary or the route changes. For circumstances outside of our control, some dates may need to be postponed but we will be in contact with you as soon as an issue arises

I can no longer make the date of the trip, what are my options?

If you wish to cancel your place, you will be entitled to a full refund up to 21 days before the event date. Any cancellation after this point is subject to charge but under some circumstances the value can be retained as credit for another event of equal value. Please let us know as soon as your plans change and we will do our best to work with you

New to scrambling and with an intense fear of heights but I wanted to push myself and see how far I could go. I was utterly terrified at times but Steph was an incredible mountain leader and now, friend and she got me to the summits. Thank you so much Outdoor Amore and my team that day for the help and encouragement. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

Megan Dawson
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