About us

Within the team we have a wealth of skills, experience and passion for what we do. The ground teams from our international trips have a gold mine of experience and even some world records under their belts! Our UK-based partners have years of passion and experience outdoors. From our zestful leaders to our heroic Sherpa, we are truly grateful and dazzled by the care and attention they provide without which, many of our expeditions wouldn’t be possible. For this reason Outdoor Amore donate 10% of all profits to local ground teams in relevant expedition based countries and to UK charities.

Now let us introduce you to the founders of Outdoor Amore.

Outdoor Amore was established by two joyful mountain climbers Steph Miller and Mark Brooks.


Steph Miller

Steph is a fully qualified therapist and a mountain leader under the Mountain Training Association, and is an avid mountain climber which extends from anywhere from the UK to the deepest reaches of the Himalaya. When we asked Steph why she climbs this is what she had to say:

“For me, climbing is an opportunity for self recalibration in nature. Stripping back the over-stimulation of everyday life and reconnecting to my own thoughts with a new perspective, challenging myself and returning home rejuvenated and restored. It’s my therapy. Allow me to be your humble guide and share these experiences with you”

Steph supports and works with numerous charities across the UK including the Air Ambulance, Alzheimer’s UK and Mountain Rescue. Steph has an in-depth understanding of team and group working from her group therapy skills and additionally runs team events for both the corporate world (within which she worked for 13 years), and with charity organisations.


Mark Brooks

Mark is a well-experienced trekker who truly likes to test his determination. From the UK to the Himalayas, from Kenya to Russia, Mark has pushed his limits. Mark has an extensive background in the corporate world and he also has extensive experience within the realms of charity work. Mark has been involved in countless fundraising activities for a multitude of charities and he’s also the man behind our profit donations to international communities. Through his passion to giving back, Mark has researched and established who needs our help and where we can get involved.

When we asked Mark why he climbs he said:

“As a child I was always fascinated by Everest and planned to visit Nepal one day to see it with my own eyes. Family and life took over and the dream was put on the backburner to concentrate on other things. Many years passed but once my children grew up I was able to travel again and the first place on my list was Nepal. This first trip to Everest Base camp sparked a love of mountains which has consequently taken me all over the world, trekking or by motorbike, I just love seeing what this world has to offer”